901 CHAIR 

A Collaboration with Aaron Schifrin

We’re re-imagining the classic beach sling chair for contemporary interiors. The traditional design, found on coastlines the world over, has all the elements of a modernist classic. It also has the added benefit of being incredibly easy to store when folded flush.

We began by re-designing the frame. We substituted the lightly-colored woods typically used for walnut and designed custom stainless steel inlays and hinges to join the inner and outer frames. We also tweaked the frame geometry to be trapezoidal.

Instead of using inexpensive disposable slings, we’re using high end fabrics and working with artists to produce limited edition sling prints. When not in use, the chairs can be stored on a custom wall hook to showcase the sling design.

We’re extremely excited to be collaborating with Michael Crossett for our first two chairs. Both chairs will be available as part of the Washington Project for the Art’s annual gala auction.

For purchasing info and potential collaborations, email us at 901xmc@gmail.com.