Simplicity makes a statement in any room. 

Atla chairs are crafted for efficiency and comfort. Pairing our chairs with our tables or desks is a natural choice, but we also encourage selecting Atla chairs to fit with existing furniture in any home or office. Because we believe simplicity makes a statement piece, we design our chairs with an eye for creating lines that integrate with a variety of styles. Our chairs feature the highest quality durable hardwoods and welded steel bases. We construct our chairs using either high quality steel fasteners or custom wood joinery.Our unique all-metal joinery system produces a lasting connection as it allows for movement in the natural expansion and contraction of hardwoods in various climates.

We have crafted three designs: Enright, Contour, and Slat. We offer premium hardwood options at various prices, since we believe quality furniture should be obtainable on different budgets.