Dining Tables


Our hope is that you never buy another dining table after ours. A table built to last for generations of gatherings.

Atla dining tables are designed to provide maximum clearance under the table, because more leg room allows for more people and more comfort when gathering for meals. Our tables feature the highest quality durable hardwood tops and welded steel bases. The legs and pedestals are secured using our custom machined steel inlays notable on the top of each piece. This unique all-metal joinery system produces a lasting connection as it allows for movement in the natural expansion and contraction of hardwoods in various climates.

We have crafted five designs: Atlas, Enright, Truss, Warren and Spire with bases in four standard colors. Our tops are available in a selection of sizes and shapes to accommodate any dining room or kitchen layout. We offer five premium hardwood options in a three-tier pricing structure, since we believe quality furniture should be obtainable on different budgets. All of our tables are finished with Rubio Monocoat, a durable hard wax oil that’s sustainable and safe (0% VOC).