Our Story

Atla crafted furniture is built with intention and integrity. We rigorously apply these values to our three pillars of design: simplicity, sustainability, and quality.

A Lasting Connection

We aim to design furniture that is simple. Uncomplicated in function and aesthetics, we stay attentive to the human demands of utility and the creation of timeless pieces that translate over generations. Eliminating woodscrews, our unique all-metal joinery system is not only decorative, it is engineered to allow for movement in the natural expansion and contraction of hardwoods in various climates throughout the life of the furniture.

Ten Trees for Every Table

We believe in owning our impact and investing in the future of our forests. That's why we plant ten trees for every table that we sell and offset 100% of CO2 emissions associated with our electricity usage through the purchase of certified carbon offsets.

The Relentless Pursuit of Quality

Our relentless pursuit of quality informs our material choices, because it is our goal to sell you elegant, functional furniture that endures. Our premium hardwoods are domestically sourced, and we use welded steel with raw or low VOC powder coated finishes.